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Don’t know what skills employers are really looking for?

No luck applying for graduate programmes or internships?

Don’t let is stress you out, Soft Skills Elevator from Skilly can help you

Soft Skills Elevator

It’s the ultimate interactive soft skills learning programme designed specifically to ensure that you can succeed and prosper in your education or career journey.

What is it?

Soft Skills Elevator allows you to master the soft skills required for your personal development and help you stand out.

Soft Skills Elevator lets you learn, practice and engage critical soft skills through an effective online programme designed to deliver the results you need.

Elevate your students career prospects with a focus on soft skill self reflective practice programmes.

How does it work?

Simple - Effective - Engaging - Impactful

  1. Add your students and Tutor(s)

  2. Complete Self-Assessments

  3. Students learn the skills and practice

  4. Assess and measure Impact

Soft Skill Self-Reflective

Modules Available

Collaboration & Team Work

Customer Care

Presentation / Communications Skills

Careers Skills

Entrepreneur Skills

Wellbeing / Mental Health

Short Self-Reflective Learning Modules to integrate into your Lesson / Learner Support Plans