Do you have the tools
to track the delivery
of wellbeing skills in

Skilly is the ultimate interactive learning platform to support and develop wellbeing and career upskilling in schools.

Skilly reduces teacher workload, providing live data to simplify reporting on engagement and delivery.

Now available in Microsoft Teams

Skill programmes in line with curriculum tailored for your students

School Type
Skill Programme Types

Secondary (Junior)
Secondary (Transition)
Career skills
Life skills
Financial Literacy
Youth Centres

Customise to your individual school needs

Wellbeing programmes

150+ skills and practices (in line with national curriculum)

  • Resilience
  • Staying well
  • Working well with others
  • Minding myself
  • Relationships (learn more)

Career development

30+ skills covered include

  • CV development
  • Interview skills
  • Setting goals
  • Growth mindset

Why Skilly?

  • Skilly helps manage the school wellbeing agenda addressing the needs of students and teachers. It gives school management the tools to manage this challenging multi-disciplinary area.

  • Students enjoy digital learning supports over wellbeing textbooks; their engagement to learn is higher helping embed skills.

  • Skilly tracks engagement in wellbeing giving you a solution to track student and school performance and progress in key areas.

  • It is easy to deploy and integrate into the school community especially for Microsoft schools using MS teams in schools.

  • The data captured by Skilly helps you improve your wellbeing delivery programme and target learning supports.

This is where Skilly comes in...

How does it work?

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Skilly is an online portal customised for your school, which you can integrate into your wellbeing programme in line with the curriculum. It is also available in Microsoft Teams.

Learning can take place independently or in class. Teachers can easily develop their lesson plan (shadowing the curriculum) or use a Skilly template plan to deliver the wellbeing skill programmes. All the content you need is included with a feature to create your own.

It starts with self-assessments to establish students' baseline competency. Next, you provide students with knowledge on the skill (using accessible content, including videos) and assign targeted practices that are spaced out and repeated to build each student’s understanding of the skill to embed the behaviour

You can observe student engagement levels in real-time by viewing student inputs and providing constructive feedback to motivate the student.

A simple dashboard allows you to track progress for each student or class, which can be helpful for learning supports or parent-teacher meetings.


  • Flexibility - Fully customisable lessons, allowing you to deliver the teaching programme tailored uniquely to your students’ needs.
  • Easier reporting - Live data available to monitor and track each student’s development and monitor wellbeing activity in the school, making reporting more efficient.
  • Unlimited content - Use Skilly’s content, (including videos, articles, practices etc.) to deliver digital lessons or use publishing tools to add your own content.
  • Planning - Adjustable timing to schedule completion in a way that works for you and yourstudents, not fixed to terms or years, in class or independently done by students.
  • Scalability - Use Skilly as a tool by defined group, class or year, we can build the right plan for you and scale-up.
  • Enhanced engagement - Drive engagement through gamification, students can see their own performance and goals and compare against their peers.