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About Skilly

Learning through self-reflection and practise, which is measured and tracked, is what Skilly is all about and has led to the creation of a cloud-based training platform that can suit any learning environment.

How learning is delivered and implemented is just as important as the content being taught, which is why Skilly emphasises the need to follow through and practice to embed critical skills.

Skilly provides the tools to accurately assess and track the effectiveness of the learning in real-time maximising the potential for upskilling in schools, colleges, adult learning centres, and all forms of business.

We developed Skilly to track learning in real-time and enable learners to assess and improve their skills through practice..

- Shane Maguire, CEO

Our story

Skilly was founded by Shane Maguire, who wanted to create a cloud-based software training platform that could provide users with a more effective approach to learning and skill acquisition.

Skilly's focus on skill practice and collaboration facilitates learning through recall and repetition, embedding learning more effectively. The platform's ambition is to empower upskilling in a flexible, efficient, and measured way, enabling individuals to adapt to changing skill needs and demands.

Skilly's approach has proven popular in schools and businesses and the platform has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its users.

This is where Skilly comes in...

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Shane Maguire
Celine Mullins
Learning Advisory Board
Jim Wynn
Learning Advisory Board
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Learning Advisory Board
Louise McSharry
Head of Design
Laco Vosika
Microsoft Education Partnerships
Leslie Turner
Founder of Schoolwise
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