Skilly is a unique cloud software solution enabling you to deliver upskilling programmes to learn and practice to improve performance and track results.

We’ve built tailored solutions for you, in a scalable, secure environment - because to perform better, practice is the key.

Skilly’s story

The idea of practice makes perfect sparked the creation of Skilly, a cloud-based software training platform with a difference.

We developed Skilly to track training in real-time and enable employees to assess and improve their skills through practice.

Shane Maguire, founder and CEO.

Skilly provides businesses and schools with a system to measure the effectiveness of training, tracking individual engagement and progression with real-time data. Skilly is now available todirect to you as a powerful upskilling tool for career progression, powering our Career Elevator programme.

2020 and all its disruptive factors focussed Skilly’s energy on building a solution with real transformative impact on learning for now and whatever comes next. Skilly will digitally transform learning by enabling people everywhere practice to perform better and upskill for the future.