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Skilly Education Launch Career Skill Programme for TY Students

Skilly Education recently launched a career skills development program for secondary students. The software which is made available through the schools allows TY(transition year) students to learn and practice basic career skills, around how to start building a career. 

COO of Skilly, Glenn Kilroy commented "Students need to understand all of the key elements of building a career, it is much more than the CV and interview techniques

For the student what is exciting about the Skilly learning experience is how it helps you learn these skills. It's a highly interactive user experience, and additionally, content is delivered in an engaging way making the learning programme simple but effective at the same time. 

Any school can buy the Skilly solution and make it available to their students. It is ideal for TY students and teachers responsible for deploying TY programs is a difficult year. The programme comprises three modules 1. Career Basics 2. Career Builder 3. Business Etiquette. Students are exposed to all elements of preparing for their career and each skill is supported with practice recommendations that the students must focus on doing and share back their reflections on the topic. 

Simply, it's engaging and it's effective, we want students exposed to and focussed on the key career skills and embed some of the habits through practice.