SKILLY BLOG : Tracking self-reflective practices in schools can improve student Wellbeing and soft skills development


Self-reflection is a critical tool for personal growth and development, and it has become increasingly important in the education sector. Self-reflection can improve students' Wellbeing, and increase their emotional regulation, self-esteem, and resilience. It can also develop students' soft skills, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, communication, and critical thinking.

However, measuring the effectiveness of self-reflective practices in schools can be challenging. To address this challenge, we developed Skilly, a powerful technology that can help schools track and measure the effectiveness of self-reflective practices. 

Skilly provides a comprehensive approach to self-reflection, enabling students to track their progress, set personal goals, and stay accountable.

Skilly allows students to track their progress through reflective practices that can be captured on the platform in various ways, including updating their secure skill diary.  Students can log their activities and monitor their progress towards achieving personal goals. 

Skilly also provides real-time data for teachers and administrators to identify areas where students struggle and offer support.

Additionally, Skilly can help students build a habit of self-reflection by creating a system that rewards consistency and progress. 

Students can receive badges, rewards, and recognition for their achievements, which motivates them to continue their self-reflective practices.

In addition to providing students with a comprehensive platform for self-reflection, Skilly can also help schools measure the effectiveness of self-reflective practices. 

By analysing the data collected by Skilly, schools can understand which reflective practices are most effective and engaging and which ones need improvement. 

Schools can also use Skilly to identify patterns in the data and understand how self-reflection improves student well-being and soft skills.