Skilly Blog: Frequently Asked Questions if you are considering deploying Skilly in your school



Integration into Delivering SPHE/Wellbeing Classes:

How can I effectively integrate Skilly into my lesson plans and teaching methods?

You can seamlessly integrate Skilly into your lesson plans by customising content and assessments to align with the national curriculum. The platform is designed to adapt to your teaching methods.

Can Skilly be customised to suit the specific requirements of different subjects and grade levels?

Yes, Skilly is highly flexible and can be customised to meet the specific requirements of different subjects and grade levels.

How can Skilly be utilised to create personalised learning pathways for individual students?

Yes, Skilly is designed to be adaptable, allowing you to create personalised learning pathways to meet individual students' unique needs and preferences.

How does Skilly contribute to developing soft skills among students, and can these skills be tracked?

Skilly offers engaging content and soft-skill learning pathways for students. You can encourage students to measure and track their development of these essential skills.

Student Engagement and Well-being:

What features does Skilly offer to monitor and assess student engagement in real time?

Skilly provides real-time tracking features that allow you to monitor student engagement instantly. This includes tracking progress and adjusting teaching strategies based on real-time data.

In what ways can Skilly be used to support and measure student well-being and social-emotional development?

Skilly includes resources specifically for well-being and SPHE. These resources can support students' social-emotional development, and their impact can be measured over time.

What resources does Skilly provide for reflective activities, and how can they be incorporated into lessons?

Skilly offers a variety of resources for reflective activities aligned with the national curriculum. These can be seamlessly incorporated into your lessons to enhance the learning experience.

How can Skilly be used to address the diverse learning needs of students within a single classroom?

Skilly's adaptability allows teachers to address diverse learning needs by tailoring content and assessments to meet the unique requirements of individual students.

Communication and Feedback:

How does Skilly enhance teacher-student communication and feedback?

Skilly facilitates improved communication and feedback through features that allow teachers to track and respond to student progress in real-time.

What types of data and analytics does Skilly provide for teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their lessons and interventions?

Skilly provides various data and analytics tools, enabling teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of lessons and interventions by tracking student engagement and progress.

Technology Integration:

What support does Skilly offer for teachers who are new to incorporating technology into their teaching methods?

Skilly supports teachers new to technology integration, including training resources and workshops to help them maximise the platform's benefits.


Implementation and Scalability:

How does Skilly streamline managing educational resources, especially for well-being programmes?

Skilly centralises well-being and SPHE resources, providing a scalable solution for management to monitor and measure the effectiveness of well-being programmes, contributing to overall productivity.

Can Skilly be integrated with existing school management systems for a seamless experience? 

Yes, Skilly can be integrated with existing school management systems, ensuring a seamless experience for teachers and administrators.

Can teachers collaborate and share resources on Skilly, fostering a community of educators within the platform?

Yes, Skilly encourages collaboration by allowing teachers to collaborate and share resources within the platform, fostering a community of educators.

How does Skilly stay updated with educational standards and curriculum changes to ensure its relevance in the classroom?

Skilly stays updated with changes in educational standards and curricula through continuous monitoring and updates, ensuring its ongoing relevance in the classroom.

Training and Support:

Are there specific training resources or workshops available to help teachers maximise the benefits of Skilly in their classrooms?

Yes, Skilly offers specific training resources and workshops to assist teachers in maximising the benefits of the platform in their classrooms.

Is Skilly compatible with various devices, and how user-friendly is the platform for teachers?

Yes, Skilly is accessible from various devices and is designed to be user-friendly, allowing teachers to navigate the platform easily.

Data Security and Privacy:

How does Skilly ensure data security and privacy, especially when dealing with student information?

Skilly prioritises data security and privacy, implementing robust measures to safeguard student information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Collaboration and Productivity:

What role does Skilly play in promoting digital literacy and 21st-century skills among students?

Skilly promotes digital literacy and 21st-century skills through engaging content and learning pathways.

How can Skilly encourage collaborative learning among students within and across classrooms?

Absolutely! Skilly's real-time tracking features enable collaboration among students and teachers. You can monitor progress and foster a collaborative learning environment.