Skilly & Arckit Collaborate to Accelerate Sustainable Living Skills in Schools


Skilly & Arckit are delighted to announce their 'Learning to Live Sustainably' programme to bring sustainability design and building skills into our primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Shane Maguire, CEO of Skilly, said,                     

"We are delighted to collaborate with Arckit. Skilly tracks and measures soft skill development and provides evidence of engagement. However, you need something to practice with, and Arckit is the ideal ‘hands-on’ tool to develop and hone your skills. It can be deployed anywhere, including the workplace, to hone those vital soft skills needed as an individual or to work in a team"

Damian Murtagh, Founder of Arckit, said,

"Our sustainable living products are ideal for the classroom to stimulate the skills required to foster sustainable living for the next generation. We need to be embedding those skillsets and practices in our students now to unlock the creative skills to imagine how we will need to live in the future".

Skilly has developed a digital learning module that helps students learn the critical skills to create, design and build sustainably. In addition, Arckit provides modular sets to practice those skills in a primary or secondary classroom.

Skilly and Arckit are excited by how this can impact our students who lack essential soft skills. Using your mind and your hands to create, design and build your sustainable home or neighbourhood is what students need to learn in a world where they spend many hours online.


Unlocking the Creativity to design and build the way we live in the future