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Skilly appointed authorised partner for 'Imagine Education' in Republic of Ireland

Skilly is pleased to announce their appointment as an authorised partner for Imagine Education Ltd. in the Republic of Ireland. Imagine Education have unique software, PerformEd™ that is transforming teacher and student behaviours across the globe. 

PerformEd has been developed as a result of many years’ experience and expertise in nurturing, monitoring, developing and skilling teachers and students in over 50 countries and delivering large scale governmental projects. The most recent of these was Teachers First in Egypt, the biggest teacher development program in the world that engaged with over 850,000 school and college teachers. Imagine Education is responding to the need to ensure teacher and student development is accurate, continual and focusses on the behaviours and competencies that are required for the future. 

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Imagine Education solutions will compliment Skilly's solutions for education institutions who are looking for more effective and affordable digital learning technologies.