Inver College partner with Skilly to support the development of Wellbeing skills for their students


Skilly is delighted to announce its partnership with Inver College to support the development of wellbeing skills for its digitally native students. Commenting on the announcement, Cormac Flynn, Principal at the school, said 

'My leadership team have been highly impressed with Skilly and its unique and innovative approach and solution to embedding wellbeing skills in our students. The solution aligns with our wellbeing learning objectives and our digital strategy supported by Microsoft to develop as a digital school. 

Some of the unique attributes that have supported our decision to invest in Skilly include the solutions:

Integration with Microsoft Teams providing a single portal to simplify the usability of the product by teachers and students

Its scalability to all students in our community who have wellbeing development needs. 

The Skilly learning approach, delivering skill content in a digital form that is simple to teach, supporting 'how' our digitally native students learn, practice & embed new wellbeing skills.

The adaptability of the platform, allowing us to publish new skill content modules and adapt existing wellbeing content in a simple format that is stored, consistent and easy for teachers to access and use. 

Its tracking capabilities are simple and powerful, providing data points to observe where wellbeing 'is being practised' and critically where it is not, at a student level."

Commenting on the announcement, Shane Maguire CEO, Skilly said, "Students cannot learn wellbeing skills from a textbook; they need to be owned by the student, repeated and practised". Our software makes that happen in schools in a manner that is safe and effective for the student. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Inver College to support the enhanced development of the wellbeing and life skills of their students over the coming years.