Important : Skilly can be funded under the free book scheme, to replace SPHE Junior Cycle Textbooks


Skilly Wellbeing tracking platform is now included in the free book scheme for non-fee-paying secondary schools.

Following the recent announcement from the DOE regarding the allocation of funding associated with the free book scheme, resources and tools that directly contribute to teaching and learning within the curricular requirements outlined in the guidance are now included.

Specifically, funding can be used for digital media support that complements and enhances students' educational experience which can include interactive e-books, multimedia content, educational apps, and other digital resources aligned with the curriculum.

The Skilly Wellbeing Solution incorporates all the latest SPHE Wellbeing and HSE resources in one place. It supports students in reflective learning of their soft skills while providing teachers with an efficient tool that saves them time. Additionally, it gives management a tool to measure and track well-being to implement SSE guidelines.

We understand the significance of adapting to modern educational needs, and this shift in funding allocation aims to empower schools to integrate technology seamlessly into the learning process.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the utilisation of the allocated funds, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at or contact 353 87 4188829.