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How Skilly Works ?

Which Skill Programs?

Soft Skill Practice Programs

Select the skill content for your learners to practice

Choose from 25 Soft Skill Sets

Leadership - Resilence - Reflection - Empathy

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Career Building Skills

Students learn and practice skills to support their career choices and professional growth.

Practice skills from real professionals in the workforce who outline the soft skills they need to use in their day-to-day careers.

Growth Mindset | Personal Brand | Ambition

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Soft Skills for Business

Students learn, and practice basic business skills and develop a better understanding of the broader skill sets required and in demand in the business community.

Curiosity | Creative Thinking | Empathy

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School Wellbeing Programs

Skilly incorporates a wellbeing program for students aligned with the NCCA Junior Certificate Wellbeing Framework

Junior Cycle Wellbeing Program

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