The ultimate interactive learning platform to support and develop essential wellbeing and career skills in schools

Skilly is our unique cloud software solution enabling your school to deliver digital career and wellbeing programmes, engaging students to learn and practice key life skills to improve their performance.

Skilly reduces teacher workload, as all of the skill content is included, ready to deliver, freeing up valuable time.

Simple to set up with a highly engaging user interface that can be customised for your school, Skilly gives you live metrics to simplify your reporting process on engagement and delivery.

Over 180 skills for your students to learn, practice and embed including:
forming habits
leadership active
wellness work
listening growth
mindset dreaming
personal brand
big critical
Deliver and track essential skills for students with the ultimate interactive learning platform

For students to succeed and prosper beyond school, they require a high competency in key life-skills to manage their wellbeing and take advantage of future career opportunities. Like any skill, higher levels of proficiency comes with the practising of those skills.

Furthermore, it's now essential for teachers to track and report upon the engagement delivery of these programmes, which can be an administration-heavy and time-consuming process.

This is where comes in...

simple effective affordable
How it works

Skilly is all online, customised for your school. It begins with assessments, to establish baseline competency so you can assign targeted practices to build the students' knowledge. Assessments can be repeated so you can monitor overall performance and progression.

Skilly does all the heavy lifting, enabling you to provide students with a customised programme, combining micro-learning with activities to assist in embedding a wide range of key skills.

In real-time, tutors observe engagement levels by viewing student inputs on their practice activities posted in Skilly. The student history, skill content and lesson plans are all in one place. A simple dashboard allows you to track progress for the student, class and entire year.

Students are motivated to pro-actively complete their programme and can be awarded digital merits of accomplishment.


Skilly is leading the way with a broad range of assessments and practices, delivered in manageable stages to fully support the NCCA Wellbeing framework for the junior cycle.

We have developed sequential modules, aligned to the NCCA standards, designed specifically to support teachers and students. You get the added value of knowing all engagements are recorded and tracked for all students in the school, helping to meet reporting requirements for the Boards of Management and the Department of Education.

150+ skills covered including:

  • Creativity
  • Staying well
  • Working well with others
  • Minding myself
Career development

Skilly teaches students all the 'How to' essential practical career skills within the Career Development programme. This has been built with 30 career skills to practice as the student progresses in 3 stages - Career Basic, Career Building and Business Etiquette.

We've designed this programme specifically for post-primary students with a focus on Transition Year as a milestone and a perfect time to start thinking about what students need to support their career ambitions.

30+ skills covered include:

  • CV development
  • Interview skills
  • Setting goals
  • Growth mindset