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Students conclude Skilly 'Soft Skill Development Test Programme'

Thank you to all the many students who gave Skilly valuable feedback over the last 16 weeks on our latest soft skill development program for students. 

What became so apparent was the eagerness of nearly 50 students to actually spend the time to understand and practice the soft skills through the platform. 

"Most of us know how important these soft skills are but we are less confident to say we have actually practised these soft skills. Skilly helped us to focus on the key elements of the skills and gave us an effective learning method that we can relate to ", said a student who completed the programme. 


Skilly enables this learning process in a manner that engages you and encourages you to return to practice. The follow on training is spaced out and we can learn at our own pace. 

We keep hearing more and more that employers see soft skills as the difference. This is one programme that is vital to ensure you are aware of the various soft skill sets and how to practice  them as key life skills.