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Skilly Education launch Wellbeing solution helping schools implement the NCCA JC Wellbeing Framework

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Skilly wellbeing program for schools.

Skilly's wellbeing program allows students to realise their abilities through skill development and practice, to take care of their physical wellbeing, cope with the normal stresses of life and to have a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community.

Skilly is leading the way with a broad range of assessments and practices, delivered in manageable stages to fully support the NCCA Junior Certificate Wellbeing Framework for junior cycle students.

We have developed sequential modules, aligned to the NCCA standards, designed specifically to support teachers and students. You get the added value of knowing all engagements are recorded and tracked for all students in the school, helping to meet reporting requirements for the Boards of Management and the Department of Education.

150+ skills covered including:

- Creativity

- Staying Well

- Working well with others

- Minding myself

Shane Maguire, CEO of Skilly commenting on the announcement said ' It has been exciting seeing this product come into the market at a critical time for students. Even before the pandemic, the Junior Cycle Framework was requiring schools to put more time into the curriculum to support wellbeing. We now need it more than every particularly for the younger students coming into the Junior Cycle at this time. 

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