The story of Skilly

The idea that ‘practice makes perfect’ inspired founder Shane Maguire with the spark for Skilly, a cloud-based software training platform founded in 2019.

Skilly is designed to enable students to assess and improve their skill level through practice and recording of skills, whilst giving teachers a digital tool to reduce their work burden and a means of measuring engagement and progression with real-time data.

2020 and all its disruptive factors, focussed Skilly’s energy on building a solution with real social meaning to aid our teachers - a platform to empower our school children and post-primary students with the essential wellbeing and life skills.

About Skilly

Skilly can be used by any organisation anywhere for any skill or skill set. Skilly software focuses primarily on “How you Learn ” not “What you Learn”.

Learners learn through a process of training on content and practicing skills to improve their knowledge and proficiency. Skilly focuses on the key content skills (takeaways) from corporate training and facilitates an organisation to create ‘skill practice drills’ for employees to practice.

This focus on skill practice after a training event facilitates learning through a process of recall and repetition that embeds learning. Over 90% of Corporate training budget goes on upfront skill content creation and delivery with the balance on post-training assessment.

A growing percentage of that training spend is wasted because employees have no time to practice or fail to engage in the traditional training methods that do not cater for a digitally enabled audience.

The Skilly learning solution is a cloud solution bringing learners in an organisation together to practice key work skills that are tracked in real-time on the platform. The platform is highly flexible and can be adapted to your environment with an API that will allow information to exchange with your learning management system.

Skilly is the event where a learned skill is practised and recorded on the platform by the learner on a self-assessment basis. Skilly transforms how we learn at work and will learn in the future by developing a cloud technology solution to help learners perform by practising their work skills.

The solution delivers structured practice learning paths for the organisation to allow employees to practice skills in the post-learning phase.

Skilly facilitates learners to practice skills in teams, engaging learners and boosting collaboration and performance in the work environment.

Skilly incorporates many features that are essential including assessment, tracking and recognition features to create a real time and engaging learning environment.

Skilly brings value to the organisation in new and exciting ways.

Skilly has the unique ability to help you to reboot and rebuild your internal training manuals by capturing the key skills that matter across the organisation from the key experts that know those front-line skills.

Additionally, Skilly has the ability to record and date stamp a practised event(a Skilly) that can be critical in validating regulatory compliance in the work environment for example the financial sector.

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